Info: IE Support - one hardware for all your data is our powerful hardware that gathers your engine and asset data safely, reliably and in real time. The data is recorded flexibly, you can define an unlimited number of measuring points and connect the device to any number of interfaces. It is suitable for mobile and stationary systems.

Your benefits

  • Real-time collection of operational, status and location data
  • Flexible data recording from different sources
  • Transmission of data via existing internet connection or own GSM connection
  • Mounting as control cabinet or on top-hat rail in existing control cabinets
  • Individually configurable
  • All components according to industry standard and fully compatible
  • All standard data protocols can be read in
  • Reading of any number of analog or digital signals
  • Data display via Zeppelin's AEC.view platform - gather real time data from your engines and assets

Areas of application is successfully in use with customers from the sectors of marine applications, industrial applications, rail transport, power and heat generation (CHP).The hardware has a modular design and is adaptable to individual requirements. The components comply with the industry standard and are fully compatible with your engines and assets. An extension to different systems is possible. It is also ideal for multi-engine systems. 

Our software products that match with



Customized IoT platform for secure connection and management of all engine and plant data 



Individually configurable web portal to monitor all parameters of connected engines and plants