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Exchange parts program for Cat and MaK engines

We offer efficient replacement parts grograms for fast availability.


Exchange parts program for Cat engines

This program reconditions engine parts using the most modern processes and brought up to the state of the art to ensure optimum performance and durability. The replacement parts are in an absolutely new condition. We also offer complete exchange engines as well as partial engine concepts (longblock/short block) for many engine types. 

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Exchange parts program for MaK engines

For a time and cost saving engine overhaul on board, we offer you a wide range of engine components in exchange. We have an extensive program for all current MaK engine series, e.g. for cylinder covers, pistons, injection pumps, liners, turbochargers, vibration dampers and many other components.

You will receive a factory reconditioned and checked spare part in advance in exchange for your used part. This saves you money by reducing the overhaul time while ensuring the overhaul standard according to MaK manufacturer specifications.

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