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Warranty and exchange programs

For quick availability we offer different exchange programs for our different engine brands. In these programs, engine parts are reconditioned using the latest processes and updated to the latest state of the art to ensure optimum performance and durability. The exchange parts are in an absolutely new condition. The only difference is the price. We also offer complete exchange engines as well as partial engine concepts (longblock/short block) for many engine types.

For smaller engines, a reconditioned replacement engine is usually the most economical solution. The costs are often lower than an overhaul.

Of course our warranty also applies to engines.


Extended Service Coverage


We offer a variety of customized protection options for new, used and reconditioned Cat engines.

Exchange program for Cat engines


For the general overhaul of replacement engines you can choose our exchange program for Cat engines. Of course with warranty extension.

Exchange parts program for Cat and MaK engines


Our exchange parts programs for Cat and MaK guarantee optimum performance and durability.