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Cat Repair Options

More hours. Higher productivity. Lower cost
Cat® engine parts are built tough to provide maximum durability and extended life—and many are designed for multiple overhaul. 
  • Protects and extends the life of major components by replacing inexpensive wear parts
  • Restores fuel efficiency to its optimal level, reducing your fuel costs
  • Allows you to schedule downtime, and plan for maintenance and repair costs
  • Prevents leaks through timely replacement of seals and shaft seals
  • Reduces the oil consumption by timely replacement of the affected components such. Seals, piston rings, etc.
  • Ensures ongoing operation through repair before an unplanned major outage occurs


Cat Repair Options - four different levels

Level 1

Highest flexibility. Lower cost

Level 1 overhauls are suitable for engines with a manageable deployment profile and contain only the minimum parts required for engine inspection (seals, bearings, piston rings). 

In coordination with you, the Level 1 overhauls can be extended exactly to the operating profile of the engine and your requirements and give you the optimal cost efficiency.

Level 2

Higher reliability. Full cost control

Level 2 overhauls are for engines with higher operating time requirements until the next overhaul and already includes the corresponding components. 

The Level 2 can also be adapted to your needs and gives you the full cost control.


Level 3

Highest reliability. Highest availability

Level 3 overhauls are for engines in demanding operation and already includes all the components needed to give your engine the highest level of reliability and availability, avoiding costly downtime.

Level 4

Short downtime

Level 4 overhauls with available CAT Reman Short and Long Blocks are optimal when a short downtime for overhaul is economical. In addition, your engine offers you the highest level of reliability and availability and avoids expensive downtimes.

Guaranteed to last

Genuine Cat new and Reman parts are backed by our 12-month warranty. Additionally, if one of the genuine Cat new or Reman parts used in your repair is proven to be defective and the cause of any resultant damage, not only would the Cat new or Reman part be replaced, but any resultant damage to other Cat parts would also be covered. 

Take advantage of further optimization potential for the operation of your engine and combine Cat Repair Options also with different variants of remote monitoring and Z.O.D. fluid analysis. 


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Cat Repair Options