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Cat Marine Asset Intelligence

The Cat® Asset Intelligence software provides professional, automated system analyses based on the data evaluation of almost 40 million marine engine hours. 

Alongside analysis and advice on operation of the engines, the system also gives its users even more flexible functions such as the condition of the engine, its fuel consumption, operation, and safety. 

The application of MAI covers a wide spectrum because it enables monitoring of both Cat® and non-Cat diesel engines, as well as other parts and systems.

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Cat Asset Intelligence for marine applications:

Cat Asset Intelligence Vessel Edition (VE)

An on-board module which is connected to the respective on-board devices and sensors and analyzes data in real time. The on-board crew receives valid data about the status of the machines at any time. At the same time, all relevant data can be complied and sent for transmission on land.

Cat Asset Intelligence-Shore Edition (SE)

An on-land module which delivers the evaluations and analyses for optimized operation and maintenance to the fleet managers and service experts.

Cat Marine Asset Intelligence Fleet Advisor

Also provides analyses and advice from a specialized expert. This supports the customer in the areas of cost optimization/efficiency, safety of people and machines and reducing downtimes. The fleet advisor provides technical and commercial support on a continuous basis, depending on the scope required.

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