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Cat Repair Options Marine

For marine C18, C32 und 3500 marine engines we offer special repair options.

Reduce costs by preventing damages
  • Replacement of relevant wear parts protects and extends the life of major components
  • Regular maintenance allows fuel efficiency to its optimal level, reducing your operating costs
  • Predictability and better overview of maintenance and repair costs
  • Timely exchange of seals and shaft seals prevents leaks and allows trouble-free and environmentally friendly operation
  • Timely replacement of relevant components such as seals, piston rings etc. reduce oil consumption
  • Predictable repair times and reduction of unplanned downtime


Cat Repair Options Marine - various options

Option 1

Option 1 includes the replacement of all high-end spare parts in the top engine compartment to prevent premature failure or further damage to other components due to incorrect operation.

Option 2

In order to optimize the durability of your engine, this option renews all stressed components throughout the engine. In addition to the components of option 1, bearings, thermostats, oil pump and cooler as well as cooling water and fuel transfer pumps will also be replaced.

Guaranteed to last

Genuine Cat new and Reman parts are backed by our 12-month warranty.

Additionally, if one of the genuine Cat new or Reman parts used in your repair is proven to be defective and the cause of any resultant damage, not only would the Cat new or Reman part be replaced, but any resultant damage to other Cat parts would also be covered. 

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