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Sustainable drive and energy solutions

We offer products and energy solutions that meet your energy needs while helping you achieve your goals in an environmentally responsible way. 

Across all industries, customers are considering alternative fuels and non-traditional energy sources to drive their operations and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. To enable our customers achieve environmental and business sustainability while maintaining the highest levels of performance and productivity, we support them with our sustainable energy solutions.

Our portfolio

Hydrogen gas engines

Our ambition is to complement proven forms of drive, traction & propulsion with more environmentally friendly ones. That's why we are developing innovative alternatives and redesigning the combustion processes in gas engines. In the future, we will be able to build CHP plants with gas engines that can initially use up to 25% hydrogen blended with natural gas as fuel, i.e. that are H2-ready. In the long term, these engines will be able to run on 100% hydrogen. Retrofit kits will be available as early as the end of 2022 to enable the majority of Cat gas engines to run on H2 admixtures. With these technologies, we will help our customers drastically reduce their CO2 emissions in the future. 

Hydrogen power

Innovative cogeneration/ Combined Heat and Power

Our CHP plants offer a highly efficient solution for the controllable supply of electricity and heat to stabilize the grid with the further expansion of renewable energies. Our plant systems respond flexibly both to capacity bottlenecks in times of low sun and wind and to overcapacities of renewably generated electricity in times of high sun and wind intensity.

As a manufacturer of turnkey plants, we can easily integrate additional generation units, such as heat pumps or solar thermal systems, into our system solutions in CHP projects. With the possibility of using alternative fuels such as "green" hydrogen, our technology makes a further important contribution to a sustainable supply of electricity and heat and thus to the energy transition. And in the long term, we offer optimum service from the construction of the complete plant to turnkey turnkey installation up to operation along the entire product life cycle.

Combined heat and power plants

Photovoltaics and microgrid

Our photovoltaic and microgrid technologies ensure a low-cost energy supply by means of hybrid systems, for example in regions with difficult power supply. For this purpose, we integrate our solar panels into existing CHP or emergency power systems and thus replace fossil drive solutions using renewable energies in the long term. Our microgrids ensure optimal storage or delivery of the energy sources. In addition, PV and microgrid solutions not only generate electricity cost-effectively, but also represent a sustainable and hybrid energy solution when integrated into CHP units and emergency power generators. They work maximally efficiently by adapting them to specific needs, such as energy storage solutions and generator sets. 

Photovoltaics and microgrids

Propeller drives for ships

To support marine customers in their CO2 reduction, we offer optimized propeller solutions from Berg Propulsion. This technical adaptation is one possibility for ship operators to reduce CO2 and achieve the IMO's CII classification. We offer complete propeller systems (including engineering, design, installation, commissioning) as well as the possibility to equip propellers of other manufacturers with rotor blades. We help our customers to reduce their fuel consumption while maintaining performance and to reduce their fossil energy consumption by more than 20%. This saves costs and resources.  

Propeller solutions

Dual fuel and hybrid energy solutions

Especially for our customers with critical infrastructure, such as healthcare and energy sector, a stable energy supply is essential. At the same time, it is becoming increasingly important to minimize the own use of resources. That's why we offer robust Cat engines of various power levels that can be combined with dual-fuel and hybrid drives. In this way, the use of more climate-friendly drive systems can be successively increased. Our customers can thus ensure a stable supply and at the same time combine it with more sustainable drive solutions. We offer not only decades of experience in the field of energy and drive systems, but also partnership and long-term cooperation with our customers, to help them achieve their own sustainability goals.

Our power units

EU Stage V engines for inland waterway shipping

Since January 1st, 2020, all combustion engines in the NRE and IWP/IWA categories have to meet stage V emissions.

  • NRE includes marinized engines for non-road mobile machinery.
  • IWP/IWA includes engines that are used exclusively in inland vessels for propulsion (IWP) or as an auxiliary unit (IWA).

As a difference to EU stage 3a, EU regulation stage V has a stricter limit value of 0.015 for particle mass (PM) and a particle number limit value (PN) of 1 x 1012 #/kWh for the engine power class from 19 kW to < 560 kW.

In inland waterway shipping, the introduction of the particle number limit of 1*1012 #/kWh for engine categories IWA/IWP from 300 kW requires the use of a diesel particulate filter (DPF) and SCR catalytic converters (SCR = Selective Catalytic Reduction).

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Marine EU Stage V Engines

Researching new technologies

Fuel cells

Achieving their own sustainability goals is becoming increasingly important for our customers long-term success. We are therefore continuously researching further solutions to support them and actively help shape sustainable changes. Currently developing energy solutions with fuel cell technology, we never lose our customer focus and develop our technologies for the individual needs of our customer segments. With this customized product portfolio, we will continue to be a competent consultant to our customers.

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Batteries for inland vessels

We offer our customers in the inland shipping sector reliable bridging technology with batteries - for example as an add-on to the power supply or as a short-term propulsion solution. If the ship is berthed at night, battery operation can be activated for the power supply, which recharges during the day. In this way, fossil resources can be saved on a regular basis. Battery operation can also take over propulsion at short notice, which is essential, especially in port areas with special emission requirements. In addition to the retrofit product, we also offer comprehensive services for planning, configuration and installation.

Sustainable action at Zeppelin



As a foundation company, Zeppelin assumes responsibility every day toward customers, employees, and the public. We see our entrepreneurial success as an obligation. 

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Sustainability at Zeppelin means making an authentic long-term contribution to the environment and society as a sustainable and economically successful company, which is drawn from the strength of our corporate culture.

Sustainability at Zeppelin
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Sustainability activities rated with gold status

We achieved gold status in the sustainability assessment by the independent agency EcoVadis, placing us among the top 5% of companies in our industry.

The assessment reflects the quality of sustainability activities in the areas of environment, labor and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement.

At Zeppelin Power Systems, sustainability is seen as a decisive factor for the company's further ecological and social development. The sustainability ranking is a significant step in this direction. It helps us to identify potential for improvement and forms the basis for action measures aimed at sustainable transformation.



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