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Rail Connection Lippstadt

Our own rail connection is available for locomotive customers in Lippstadt. In partnership with Westfälische Landeseisenbahn we carry out all repair and maintenance work on locomotives and smaller rail vehicles. 

Reduce costs through damage prevention

No complicated appointments - you receive everything from one source:

  • hall
  • all maintenance and repair work
  • Oil change
  • Electrical work
  • large storage areas
  • Locomotive parking spaces
  • Capacity for several locomotives at the same time




You obtain all the work and spare parts necessary for your rail vehicle from a single contact person. This saves time and money for the operator, as separate bookings of hall dates, parking spaces, repair work or oil changes are no longer necessary. All work up to the general inspection is reliably carried out by the experts from Zeppelin Power Systems and Westfälische Landes-Eisenbahn. There are large open spaces for storage and parking at the site. Zeppelin Power Systems' own service technicians carry out all engine related work on site professionally and quickly. All other work on the locomotive is carried out by the Westfälische Landes-Eisenbahn.