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Oil diagnosis for diesel and gas engines

Oil and coolant diagnostics provide valuable information about the condition of the engine, axles, transmission, hydraulics and cooling system.

Regular analysis helps to prevent failure of your machine and can also help to extend the oil change intervals.

Your machines work better, live longer and are thus more economical all told..


Zeppelin Oil laboratory

Zeppelin has its own, extensively equipped oil laboratory. Trained chemists evaluate more than 100,000 oil samples a year. Precise analysis and reliable comparability is ensured thanks to an extensive database. Is your engine's wear within the normal limits? How clean are your fuel, coolants and lubricants? When do operating fluids, units and wear parts need to be changed? Zeppelin experts often know more than everyone else, because they don't just take the unit from which the sample was taken into consideration, but also the type of engine.

The database that understands your oil

Zeppelin Power Systems draws on an extensive database that contains all the measured values from recent years. Each substance analysed in the engine, transmission or hydraulic oil allows a detailed statement about that unit and its wear condition. The data basis for this has been built up over decades. However, please note that detecting wear trends requires multiple measurements at regular intervals.

Oil test instead of downtime

A test is simple, a failure expensive. An example: increased silicon levels in the engine oil are all it takes to tell you that the air filter and intake system need to be checked. Dust-related engine damage can thus be largely avoided.

Coolant analysis - protects inner values

Coolant diagnostics can also be performed in our laboratory. This helps to monitor the coolant state – that is, its boiling point and frost protection capability – and the cooling system. At the same time, regular coolant diagnosis is important to ensure that the engine parts are protected against internal perforation and corrosion.


As a registered customer you can access all results of your previous analyses at any time. Click to get to the oil diagnosis portal.