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Cat engines: power & efficiency

Difficult challenges and harsh conditions? No problem for Caterpillar engines. The premium engines are easy to repair, maintain and overhaul for a lifetime of cost-effective productivity. 

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Engines by industry


Industrial engines for construction machinery, agricultural machinery, in forestry, recycling, demolition or logistics


Marine engines are used on cargo and cruise ships, on yachts or in inland shipping.

Cat engines successfully get locomotives and shunting and mainline locomotives rolling on industrial, private and state railroads.


For use in onshore and offshore oil and gas production, drilling, gas compression and well service.


Engines for power generation with gas and diesel engines or equipment for combined heat and power plants and emergency power systems.

Digital management of your engine data

With our digital solutions, we can evaluate and analyze the data from your engine. And support you in optimizing the performance of your engine.

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Test Bench

We offer machine and plant manufacturers the opportunity to run performance tests on our modern test stations.

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Engines from Zeppelin Power Systems

Zeppelin Power Systems is the official partner of Caterpillar for engines. And your partner if you are looking for reliable and powerful engines. Our extensive product range includes engines in the power range from 10 to 16,800 kW. This means we can meet almost any requirement and offer engines that are suitable for even the toughest operating conditions. Our engines are versatile and are used in a variety of applications: in industrial machinery, in locomotives, on ships, in combined heat and power plants and emergency power systems, or in the oil and gas industry.

Caterpillar engines are available as diesel, gas or dual-fuel engines.  

Diesel engines from Caterpillar stand for reliability, durability, high fuel efficiency and low operating costs. Thanks to individual customization, you have optimal conditions for the smooth running of your operation.

With the latest generation of gas engines, Caterpillar sets new standards in environmental friendliness, fuel efficiency and performance - without sacrificing reliability and robustness.

Dual-fuel engines from Caterpillar offer effectiveness and reliability in diesel or gas operation while meeting applicable emissions regulations.

In addition to new engines, we also have a large number of used engines. At our own site for used engines, we overhaul and optimize the engines for reuse. Customers thus receive a top-quality product with all desired modifications, individually tailored to the respective application.