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Zeppelin Power Systems: Service you can rely on

Operation, Repair and Maintenance


All services around maintenance of your engines and aggregates. As a full-service provider, we carry out all maintenance work for you.

Warranty and exchange programs


For a fast availability, we offer powerful warranties and exchange parts programs for Cat and MaK engines.

Test Bench


Our highly qualified and experienced test bench personnel provides you with all test  records from one source.



Financing solutions tailored to your specific requirements are developed together with Cat Financial.

Spare parts

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Cat and MaK original spare parts for your engines are available from us with comprehensive standard warranty. 

Zeppelin Power Systems' sales and service locations for Cat, MaK and EMD include Germany, Austria, Denmark, Greenland, Sweden, Northern and Southwest Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belarus, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Armenia and Uzbekistan. For MaK engines, we are also represented in Azerbaijan, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Iceland, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldawia, Mongolia, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Kazakhstan and Cyprus.                                                                                             

Three Zeppelin Power Systems service centers  (Hamburg, Köln, Leipzig/München), the engine repair workshop in Achim and 40 other locations in Germany, plus three service Centers and five locations in Austria guarantee nationwide service. This ensures high availability of your engines, generator sets and equipment.


Wherever you are: global service from Caterpillar

The Caterpillar dealer network is at your disposal worldwide. With Caterpillar dealers at over 1,800 locations, spare parts and professional product support are available 24/7 and all over the world – for service at a high standard and uniform level.