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Customer Value Agreements (CVAs): Keep you up and running all times

You stay focused on your core business, while we support you with our Customer Value Agreements (CVAs). The comprehensive services offered in our modular service contracts ensure hassle-free operation of your system.


Simple operation

  • Price transparency and reliable budget planning due to fixed costs
  • Peace of mind due to comprehensive protection for your engines 

Ease of maintenance

  • Optimization of engine maintenance
  • Automatic delivery of genuine Cat parts at the right time to the right place
  • More efficient maintenance due to professional execution at the right time
  • All work carried out by our certified technicians

Reliable support

  •  Servicehotline available 24/7
  • Expert knowledge about your maintenance needs
  • Diagnostic and troubleshooting support
  • Training courses

Put together your own contract and combine the service modules you need

You can individually compile your personal service contract, and tailor it to your needs by selecting individual modules. The available services range from regular oil and fluid analyses through bespoke inspections and maintenance to sophisticated online monitoring solutions. Regardless of which option you choose, you can rest assured that we provide careful planning and continuous attention to help you succeed

Overview of our modules


Basic module

  • Agreed framework conditions 
  • Attractive terms and conditions for spare parts
  • Performance-oriented loyalty program
  • Individual delivery and payment terms

Digital modules

  • Digital connection
  • Access to the web portal
  • Use of our digital infrastructure
  • Individually configured dashboards
  • Monthly automated status reports for basic parameters
  • Requires installation of our hardware and communication channels
  •  Individually configured reports for any parameters
  • Transfer via the web portal or by email
  • Requires “Visualization” module and AEC hardware
  • Creation of standard or custom maintenance plans
  • Setup of individual content for service contracts
  • Consideration of the manufacturer’s specified intervals
  • Access via web portal
  • Visual representation of engine and component operating times
  •  Smart forecasting of maintenance measures based on remaining runtime
  • Requires “Visualization” module
  • Data analysis by an expert team
  • Evaluation with professional tools
  • Trend analyses
  • Early detection of technical deviations
  • Interpretation through data analysis - Requires “Visualization” module
  • Monitoring of status and fault messages
  • Automatic evaluation of faults with corresponding notification service
  • Optional expansion to 24/7 monitoring
  • Requires “Visualization” module and AEC hardware

Service level

  • Individual response times to fault messages
  • Availability of service technicians on-site
  • Guaranteed availability by phone or email
  • Rapid troubleshooting
  • Maximum availability and increased operational readiness
  • Minimized downtime costs in the event of unplanned outages

Classic modules

  • Automatic sending of sets for sampling at agreed intervals
  • Easy shipping to the Zeppelin laboratory with shipping materials included in the set
  • Analysis report
  • Warnings in the event of irregularities and abnormalities
  • Specific recommendations for action if necessary
  • A constant overview of the condition of your engine
  • Current condition determined through visual inspection
  • Performed by qualified technicians
  • Regular or on-demand inspection
  • Detailed inspection report
  • Optional audit function
  • Recommendation of maintenance and repair measures
  • Operating-hour-dependent provision of maintenance and wear parts
  • Optional automatic shipping information and tracking in the event of a digital connection
  • Less time and effort for purchasing
  • Reliability due to timely replacement of parts
  • System value maintained
  • Operating-hour-dependent execution of maintenance work according to manufacturer specifications
  • Documentation in a comprehensive service report
  • Minimized unscheduled downtime and optimized engine uptime
  • For marine applications we offer a joined module for maintenance and overhaul
  • Operating-hour-dependent execution of overhaul work according to manufacturer specifications
  • Use of genuine spare parts and qualified personnel
  • Refurbishment of replacement and spare parts according to genuine manufacturer specifications
  • Depending on the engine type and design, execution on-site or in one of our workshops
  • Minimized unscheduled downtime and optimized engine uptime
  • Documentation in a comprehensive service report
  • For marine applications we offer a joined module for maintenance and overhaul
  • Customized warranty options for the entire service life (ESC, ADV, OVH)
  • The warranty options apply to all covered components
  • Operating cost security through protection against unexpected repair costs
  • Our experts - always on site, over 2,500 trained technicians
  • Worldwide protection by the worldwide Caterpillar dealer network 

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