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Complete Cat® engine-transmission units and Industrial Power Packs from Zeppelin Power Systems: Solutions for industrial and agricultural equipment


With in-house developed complete engine-transmission units (drivetrains) and Industrial Power Packs provides Zeppelin Power Systems, the official partner of Caterpillar, ready made all-round packages. The newly developed solutions with powerful Cat engines are offered exclusively by Zeppelin Power Systems and are suitable for numerous applications in the industrial and agricultural equipment.

Drivetrains - complete engine-transmission units as a plug-and-play solution

Zeppelin Power Systems offers its customers now complete engine-transmission units, which represent a kind of plug-and-play solution. The components are suitable for both industrial and rail vehicles, as well as for the raw materials and energy extraction industry. Already perfectly engineered and assempled, they can easily be installed by the OEMs (OEM) into the corresponding applications. Elaborate project plans and engineering services can be considerably reduced.


"We have already done most of the engineering in advance, while developing our new product," explains Dirk Weber, Sales Director Industrial Engines & Rail, Drivetrains at Zeppelin Power Systems, the product concept. "The components of the engine-transmission unit are perfectly matched. For our OEM customers this is a substantial simplification regarding the planning and implementation of new machine types. In addition, Zeppelin Power Systems can provide the Product Support and all services for the Drivetrain from one source."


Technical solution is based on years of experience with OEM applications

The core of the Drivetrains are powerful Cat diesel engines in all today relevant emissions standards. Depending on the application, different transmission and conversion units for power and torque are used.

"First, our engineers and technicians plan the application and create a 3D-CAD design," says Jonny Al-Saiegh, Technical Manager Industrial Engines at Zeppelin Power Systems, the typical project flow. "We build all the components to the completed Drive Unit. In addition, we also offer our customers test runs on our own test benches. In addition to installation advice, various proofs and calculations for strength of the mounting frame, we also undertake the installation at the customer's inquiry and test the system extensively. Our customers receive a customized system solution that has been tested extensively under real conditions. In the construction, design and manufacture, we were able to use our years of experience in the equipment of OEM applications. "

At Agritechnica, the world's largest agricultural technology trade fair from November 8 to 14 in Hannover, Zeppelin Power Systems has already presented a particularly environmentally friendly and efficient Drivetrain solution from the portfolio. The solutions, which is characterized by low energy consumption, was presented under the name Smart Power Systems, it was engineered in cooperation with Jenoptik Defense & Civil Systems, the specialist for efficient and compact energy generation.

Industrial Power Packs with a power range of 54-571 kW - powerful units for pump and compressor applications

The new Industrial Power Packs are self-sufficient and constructed similar to a generator set: The drive unit is mounted as a complete module including acoustic hood, ventilation system, fuel tank and exhaust aftertreatment package on a frame. After a modular principle customers can select from three types: "IPP Compact" with C4.4 /C7.1 up to 224 kW, "IPP Medium" with C9.3 / C13 up to 388 kW, and "IPP Large" with C15 / C18 up to 571 kW.

"Through the use of advanced exhaust technology all exhaustlevels are available, this enabling a worldwide use. The engines of the next emissions standard EU Stage V can be integrated without any constructional changes", says Dirk Weber.

"We made sure that the Industrial Power Packs can be transformed variable for special customer requirements. Upon request, we can also provide an even larger space to take the other components of the OEM into account. "

Use as aggregates for hydraulic / water pumps, compressors or drainage pumps

The package includes the engine, the after-treatment system, a 500-liter diesel tank and an optional 700-liter auxiliary tank eg for hydraulic oil, the base frame with transport devices and acoustic hood with ventilation devices, batteries incl. wiring of the unit as well as an operator station with touch panel. All installed components are supplied assembled, wired and tubed. On request, customers can also include other components such as transfer gearbox (PVG) or hydraulic oil cooler.

"The Industrial Power Pack can be used for example as a hydraulic unit for the construction and civil engineering.A lot of other applications with hydraulic power requirements are possible as well," says Jonny Al-Saiegh. "Likewise, it is suitable as a compressor unit, or as a water pump assembly for agricultural irrigation, groundwater lowering, Sump Pump, or as a mobile pumping station."