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Propeller systems added to the portfolio – Zeppelin Power Systems is an authorized Caterpillar Propulsion sales and service partner


Zeppelin Power Systems has extended its portfolio and now offers its customers even more comprehensive services. The company, an authorized Caterpillar Propulsion sales and service partner, now also offers controllable-pitch propellers, azimuth thrusters, transverse thrusters, and the corresponding control systems.

“Zeppelin Power Systems offers its customers complete propulsion concepts, including all components. Design, engineering, commissioning and all services are of course an integral part of these concepts,” says Klaus Dammann, Marine Sales Director at Zeppelin Power Systems. “With the Caterpillar propulsion systems, we also offer an optimized thruster package with worldwide service.” The Caterpillar Propulsion components are manufactured in high-tech production facilities in Sweden and Singapore, and are optimized for maximum availability and cost-efficient operation.


The contract between Zeppelin Power Systems and Caterpillar was concluded in September at SMM, the world’s leading trade fair for the maritime industry. An intensive preparation phase and internal tests were carried out by Caterpillar Marine prior to the contract being concluded. Zeppelin Power Systems achieved the highest ranking (platinum) in the “Caterpillar Propulsion Capability Assessment” (CPCA), which has been specially developed by Caterpillar for evaluating individual sales and service partners.

An overview of key components of Caterpillar Propulsion:


Controllable-pitch propeller (Marine Propulsion Propeller, MPP)

Caterpillar Propulsion controllable-pitch propellers are available for high-power applications with and without nozzle, with a diameter of up to 8.50 meters, and for power outputs of up to 20 MW.

The patented feathering mode improves operational flexibility and efficiency in ships with twin propeller systems. In feathering mode, the blades run parallel to the current, minimizing resistance and reducing operating costs.

Azimuth thruster (Marine Thruster Azimuth, MTA)

The systems are available with horizontal or vertical thruster. The fixed-pitch or controllable-pitch propeller systems have a diameter of up to 3.40 meters, and are available for power outputs of up to 4 MW.

Transverse thrusters (Marine Thruster Transverse, MTT) 

Transverse thrusters are available with a selection of different controllable-pitch or fixed-pitch propellers. The MTT is available in two configurations, as high-power transverse thrusters (suitable for DP applications) and as auxiliary transverse thrusters for maneuvering in the port. The transverse thrusters have a diameter of up to 3.20 meters and are available for power outputs of up to 3.6 MW.

System control (Marine Propulsion Control, MPC)

The MPC 800 Remote Control System enables operators to control and monitor all types of propeller application. The system delivers clear information based on graphic displays. It uses cutting-edge microprocessor technology and is a special development from Caterpillar Propulsion. A range of operating modes can be individually configured, using various combinator curves or constant speed.