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E-world 2017: Zeppelin Power Systems presents new Cat® G3512H high-efficiency gas engine for CHP


Zeppelin Power Systems will be exhibiting at the E-world 2017 trade fair in Essen from February 7 to 9, presenting its new Caterpillar G3512H gas engine. It is the newest product in the Caterpillar gas engine series and achieves electrical efficiency of 45%. Cogeneration plants can achieve overall efficiency levels of 90% or more with a Cat G3512H. In addition to the Cat G3512H gas engine, which will be presented live at a trade fair for the first time at the event, Zeppelin Power Systems will also be providing information on its entire range of Caterpillar gas and diesel engines in outputs of between 200 and 10,000 kW at Stand 435, Hall 1.

The new G3512H aggregate has electrical power of 1,500 kW and is also ideal for use in the field of control energy thanks to its load change dynamic of zero to 100% in under five minutes. This makes it particularly efficient and economical.


Zeppelin Power Systems equips the customizable system with all the components necessary to achieve a high degree of overall efficiency in cogeneration plants. Zeppelin Power Systems also delivers the required engineering solutions at the same time; these include the thermodynamic design of the system components for optimal exploitation of the primary energy used. To achieve this, the company uses multi-level exhaust gas heat exchangers, among other elements, ensuring that the exhaust gas enthalpy can be used as efficiently as possible through maximum cooling of the motor exhaust gas. "One of our core engineering areas is the structural planning and implementation of cogeneration systems, either for turnkey systems with the appropriate buildings or as installations in existing energy centers," commented Reinhard Isle, CHP Sales Manager at Zeppelin Power Systems.  "This also includes the design of the measuring, control and regulation components, which make our cogeneration systems truly intelligent."   


Customized CHP plant maintenance and servicing management

As part of its exhibition, Zeppelin Power Systems will be presenting its digital CHP plant monitoring solution. With the Zeppelin Active Power Control module, CHP plant operators will always have an overview of the functionality and network loads of their systems and will be able to respond quickly and efficiently to error messages.

Should a malfunction occur, the responsible service technician will receive a message from the system. He or she can then immediately get an overview to indicate whether a service needs to be performed, what kind of work may be necessary, and what spare parts are needed. 
This saves customers valuable time and allows them to get maximum availability from their CHP plants across the entire life cycle.


Emergency power supply with diesel generator sets from Zeppelin Power Systems: Complete system and building installation

One further focal point at the E-world trade fair will be the company's emergency power supply systems, which can be installed individually as complete systems or in buildings. Zeppelin Power Systems offers customized 200-4,000 kVA systems, designed especially for critical and challenging applications. These can be installed in buildings or provided as a mobile solution in a container. Zeppelin Power Systems is a general contractor that handles entire emergency power supply and continuous current projects including engineering, implementation engineering, power generator delivery, and plant construction, fulfilling up to 100% of our customers' needs.

For over 30 years, Zeppelin Power Systems has been providing a wide range of electricity generators, reliable island mode and UPS systems, and extensive services. The areas of application for our products include data centers, hospitals, the processing industry, larger industrial premises and energy suppliers, as well as the automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries and logistics and traffic control systems companies.