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bauma 2016: We are presenting the latest engines and complete engine transmission


Caterpillar und Zeppelin Power Systems are at the bauma in Munich from April 11th to 17th. Come and see us at hall A04 stand 137.

Zeppelin Power Systems are presenting the latest series for the construction sector, industry and agricultural technology together with the US engine manufacturer Caterpillar at bauma in Munich from 11 to 17 April. In Hall A04, Stand 137, visitors can learn about the current tier 4 final emission level/stage IV, as well as the upcoming EU level V. Zeppelin Power Systems offers installation-ready plug-and-play solutions for construction equipment or special applications with complete engine transmission units (drive trains) as well as pre-configured industrial power packs.



Optimum value in terms of reliability and service life of components

The drive experts at Zeppelin Power Systems and Caterpillar will give information about exhaust aftertreatment technologies for the current tier 4 final/stage IV emissions stage using the displayed Cat C2.2, C9.3, C13, C18 and C27 engines. The exhaust aftertreatment ensures particularly efficient emission reduction with a combination of a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC), a diesel particulate filter (DPF) and a SCR system (selective catalytic reduction).

“As a supplier, we – in conjunction with the machine manufacturers – offer a wide range of solutions for construction and industrial technology, as well as for mobile and stationary applications. The new Cat engines accomplish optimum value in terms of reliability, power, fuel efficiency and the service life of components,” says Dirk Weber, Sales Director of Industrial and Integrated Engines at Zeppelin Power Systems.

Caterpillar shows it is ready for EU stage V

Caterpillar is one of the largest machine manufacturers worldwide and develops engines with the latest technology for all emission requirements. In addition to engines of all current emission levels, Zeppelin Power Systems also offers its customers solutions for industrial applications and vehicles that enables the planning of the upcoming EU emission stage V. “Cat engines at EU emission level IV and EPA tier 4 final are already fitted with particle filters, meaning they already have the emission technology necessary for level V on board,” explains Dirk Weber. “Users that are now ordering Cat products have planned safely for their future, in addition to already having a green zone compatible machine.”

Zeppelin drive trains: Components that are perfectly attuned to each other

Another highlight at the exhibition stand is a Zeppelin drive train based on a Cat C7.1 tier 4 final engine with an exhaust aftertreatment module (DOC, DPF and SCR) and a Cat CX31 transmission with PTO (power take-off). The power shift transmission has two additional power take-off shafts, an SAE-C and an SAE-B, meaning they can drive additional hydraulic pumps. The components of the complete engine transmission unit come perfectly attuned to each other, and can therefore be installed straight from the machine manufacturer into the respective applications more easily. Time-consuming project planning and engineering work are significantly reduced. 

The Zeppelin drive train shown at bauma is suited to all driving machines that simultaneously need a hydraulic system to work. The Cat C7.1 engine is EU level IV and EPA tier 4 final, and can be used in cities with low-emission zones, and in Switzerland.

Plug-and-play solutions for specific applications: Industrial power packs

The Zeppelin engineers will also be speaking about industrial power packs, which are complete drive units designed as a module that includes an acoustic enclosure, ventilation system, diesel tank and exhaust aftertreatment pack. The powerful units for pump and compressor applications can be selected in different performance classes, based on a modular principle: “IPP Compact” with C4.4/C7.1 up to 224 kW, “IPP Medium” with C9.3/C13 up to 388 kW and “IPP Large” with C15/C18 up to 571 kW. “Industrial power packs can be used, for example, in hydraulic units for structural and civil engineering,” says Dirk Weber. “They are also ideal as a compressor unit or water pump unit.” 

Zeppelin Service: Worldwide and 24/7 for maximum availability

The Zeppelin Power Systems service team will give information about tailored inspection and servicing plans with comprehensive servicing documentation and a thorough status analysis for prevention and early detection, which will ensure the reliable operation of construction, industrial and agricultural machinery. For new engines, subsequent cover can be taken out for continued access after the standard warranty has expired. The term can be freely selected, up to a duration of 60 months, or up to 5000 operating hours, and covers all removable parts and components.

The warranty extension is new, and can also be taken out for second-hand engines. This can be transferred, so the sales value of second-hand engines increases. An individual package can be put together from a wide selection of options. This comes with a transparent cost plan. The warranty extension therefore offers ideal protection and means that Cat second-hand engines are widely available.

As an official partner of Caterpillar, Zeppelin Power Systems offers engines, transmission and complete drive trains. The company has years of experience in sales, engineering, installation and servicing of drive units for mobile and stationary applications. The drive units are fitted according to customer requirements and thoroughly tested in real conditions. All connections to interfaces are individually configured and technically unlocked. The result is installation-ready solutions that Zeppelin Power Systems integrates into the applications. Zeppelin Power Systems customers include leading manufacturers of special machines from the construction sector, agriculture and forestry, logistics, manufacturing industries and the recycling sector as well as manufacturers of special applications and machines for non-road applications.