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Zeppelin Group presents drive technology innovations


The Zeppelin Power Systems business unit tells customers about its latest drive solutions and digital developments

Around 100 customers from the industrial applications, oil and gas industry, and rail vehicles sectors accepted an invitation from Zeppelin Power Systems to visit the Achim site. In addition to a number of specialist talks, visitors were also met by innovations in drive technology, practical tests on a running engine and a wide range of exhibits focusing on the EU emissions class V.

Highlights from the two-day customer event included the presentation of Zeppelin’s first battery-powered construction machine. Zeppelin Power Systems developed the prototype with partners, and has future plans to offer its customers innovative drive technology of this kind for their applications in the machine and industry sectors – including conversions for diesel-free use in inner-city areas.

Digitization allows for new concepts

Digital developments by Zeppelin Power Systems were a core topic during the event. The company already has over ten years of experience in the field of controlling and monitoring systems and engines. On this basis, Zeppelin Power Systems develops intelligent data evaluation solutions for a range of prominent customers from various sectors, producing forecasts that allow for early fault recognition and performance optimization, for example. Visitors were able to put on a pair of Virtual Reality (VR) glasses that took them on a virtual trip through buildings and containers, and to view engines – gaining great insights in the process, into the concepts that will be a reality in the future. Glasses such as these could help improve operational and service quality in the long term – for example by enabling consultation with experts, regardless of their location.

Visitors were able to attend lectures and workshops on CAT engine technology that will comply with the EU emissions class V, set to come into force from January 2019, as well as enjoying a guided tour of the plant and an overview of the business unit’s current range of products and services. EU emissions class V-compliant exhibits with outputs from 55 to 2,000 kW were also presented; among them the C9.3B and the C13B. Customers even had the opportunity to see a C13 in action on the test bench, as Zeppelin Power Systems demonstrated a vibration measurement on the running engine. Colleagues from Zeppelin Power Systems and Caterpillar plants in both England and the USA, were available on both days to answer any questions and provide background information.