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bauma 2019: Zeppelin Power Systems business unit set to showcase engines that comply with Stage V emissions standards


Visitors to the shared Caterpillar and Zeppelin Power Systems stand can learn all about new engines that comply with Stage V emissions standards. The drive experts will showcase Caterpillar engines C2.2, C3.6, C4.4, C13B and C18, as well as potential applications for virtual reality (VR) glasses, at stand 336, hall A4.

Caterpillar engines compliant with EU Stage V emissions standards feature high capacity and fuel efficiency. The centerpiece of the product presentation on the Caterpillar and Zeppelin Power Systems stand will be the C13B 12.5-liter engine, which is available with nominal outputs of 340 to 430 kW at an engine speed of 1,800 to 2,100 1/min, and torque of 2,640 Nm. It boasts improved air and exhaust aftertreatment systems and an optimized electronic management system, as well as being around 30% lighter than previous models at the same output level. Furthermore, it does not require cooled exhaust gas recirculation. 

New visualization options thanks to VR glasses
VR glasses make it possible for stand visitors to walk through virtual installation projects and examine engines up close. Virtual planning and visualization tools enable the customer to identify potential optimizations for an engine installation right from the planning phase. This development is based on cutting-edge CAD solutions that help the design department to assess the feasibility of projects, minimize their risks, and calculate costs more accurately; on this basis, CAD plans can be modified as required, well in advance of the actual installation and long before commissioning.

Customer-specific repair options: Caterpillar Repair Options
Zeppelin Power Systems will also provide information about Caterpillar engine repair options at bauma. The company uses the Caterpillar Repair Options name to offer a range of repair solutions that are tailored to our customers’ requirements and the engine’s operating profile. These solutions are available in four different price categories (level 1–4) depending on the repair scope. Overhauling of engines with a limited operating profile and which only include parts required for the inspection – such as seals, bearings and piston rings – can be carried out just as easily as for engines used in heavy-duty operations and with components included. Customers can enjoy higher productivity and lower costs, and can extend their machine’s service life by properly maintaining its components.

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