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Zeppelin Power Systems informs about digitalization and decarbonization at Data Centre World


From May 10 to 11, 2023, Zeppelin Power Systems will be presenting solutions for decarbonization and digitalization at Data Centre World in Frankfurt in hall 8, booth D085. The company will provide advice on the use of renewable liquid fuels as well as on the resource-efficient generation of thermal heat by using lowtemperature exhaust heat by means of heat pump concepts. In addition, the team of experts on site will provide information on customized hardware and software as well as the digital solution Active Equipment Connect (AEC). 

Lower fuel emissions through renewable liquid fuels

The use of alternative fuels such as hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO) and green hydrogen (H2) makes an important contribution to sustainable power and heat generation. Compared to conventional diesel fuel, biofuels such as HVO lead to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions over the entire life cycle. Many Cat brand engines are already 100% runable on HVO. The flexible use of hydrogen as an easily transportable energy medium makes the fuel a climate-friendly alternative.

Comprehensive solution for the acquisition and digitization of engine data

With customized products and services, Zeppelin Power Systems supports its customers in making the operation of their engines and systems more efficient and safer. The Active Equipment Connect (AEC) solution developed in-house makes it possible to connect engines and systems regardless of manufacturer, to record data around the clock, and to view and evaluate this data as required. The range of services extends from the simple provision of data via an interface and individualized reports in a customizable web portal to 24/7 monitoring, consulting and services. In Zeppelin Power Systems' Fleet Operations Center (FOC), employees can analyze the data, create trend analyses and make recommendations for action. They can detect deviations of certain parameters from their normal value at a very early stage, ideally taking preventive action and avoiding failures. This makes it possible to monitor engines, applications and entire fleets remotely, schedule maintenance as best as possible and coordinate the supply of spare parts.


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