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Zeppelin Power Systems Implements Individual Solution for Mega Yacht "Vega"


17-year old engine IMO III certified after conversion

Zeppelin Power Systems overhauls the main engine of the motor yacht "Vega" and brings it up to date with the latest technology and environmental requirements. The 46-meter-long and over 50-year-old ship, which in the past served as an icebreaker among other things, will be converted into an explorer yacht by Dörries Yachts in Bremerhaven and will in future also head for sensitive arctic waters. In order to comply with the emission standards according to IMO Tier III, Zeppelin Power Systems has implemented an individual solution for the expedition ship.

The MaK 8 M 20 engine was installed in the Vega 17 years ago when the former lighthouse supply ship was originally supposed to be converted into an Explorer yacht. The work was suspended for several years, while the Vega had been a kind of landmark in the harbor of the small town of Penzance in England – until Dörries Yachts was commissioned with the conversion in 2020 and transferred it to Bremerhaven. Apart from its bed run and commissioning, the engine had not accumulated any operating hours since its installation. A conversion was still necessary so that the MaK 8 M 20 met the emission standards according to IMO Tier III by means of a exhaust gas cleaning system. In close cooperation, various specialist departments of the Zeppelin Group and external partners worked out an individual solution for the engine and the SCR system, which was certified by a classification society on the test bed in Achim.

Challenging project
“Refits of various sizes are part of our daily business. However, it is rather unusual for us to convert a ship with such a history,” reports Henning Dörries, Sales Manager at Dörries Yachts. “Since the Vega was originally designed as an icebreaker and supply ship, it is a great challenge to bring the circumstances into line with the new purpose and current regulations. We are very pleased that with Zeppelin Power Systems we have a partner at our side who has demonstrated immense flexibility and has implemented a specific drive system for Vega."

The engine itself is being dismantled into its individual parts during the overhaul: From cylinder heads to pistons and injection pumps to turbochargers and all pumps, the technicians dismantle and clean all parts, check them for corrosion and replace seals and bearings. After the integration of the SCR system, the conversion of the speed controller to the latest technology, the digitization of the old monitoring system and the expansion of various measuring points, the MaK 8 M 20 not only complies with the current IMO III standards, but also provides data for more efficient operation if required.

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