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Fleet Operations Center (FOC)

Digital data can do even more for you - Predictive Maintenance is our goal

In our Fleet Operations Center (FOC) we collect, view and evaluate data around the clock.

On the one hand, this allows us to create trend analyses and to avoid breakdowns. For example, we can already make reliable forecasts about the behavior of your spark plugs. Further analyses are underway to optimize the availability of your system with the help of precise forecasts.

You can also use the data for energy management evaluations. Thanks to the detailed results and documentation, our service technicians can act even faster and, ideally, already take preventive action.

Advantages at a glance

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  • Reliability and availability through proactive action: Our technicians’ services prevent errors, faults and system failures.
  • Monitoring of individual systems according to requirements (e.g. in case of technical problems, after maintenance, etc.)
  • Trend analyses for early detection of engine and plant problems
  • Regular monitoring of spark plug condition and proactive information in case of anomalies
  • Quick responses to anomalies and service calls can be organized promptly and efficiently.
  • Data evaluation to support troubleshooting
  • Evaluation of downtimes and clear assignment to events (e.g. maintenance, engine problems, user operation)
  • Data or trend analyses after malfunctions or damage for the preparation and/or support of service personnel

Service Helpdesk

Do you have technical problems or damage to your system, questions about maintenance and spare parts or other technical inquiries? Then simply call our service helpdesk and we will help you directly! You can reach our operators on our service hotline 0800 589 27 87 (from abroad: +49 40 853151-222) from Monday to Friday, from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Outside of these times, in urgent cases, you can be forwarded directly to the relevant emergency service numbers via this hotline.

  • Competent contact person: You always speak to technically experienced specialists - even if your trusted contact person should not be available.
  • All information available: every operator always has the same information and the current processing status of your request.
  • Prompt help: The operator's know-how and our internal knowledge database enable us to answer many questions directly.
  • Additional benefit: As part of the Fleet Operations Center, the Service Helpdesk can analyze the recorded data directly in problem solving for engines connected online.

With our digital products we also have the right solution for you.