Active Equipment Connect

Full overview of your machines and systems

AEC.view web portal

Zeppelin Power Systems has developed a web portal enabling you to keep an eye on your machines and systems at all times. All required data such as location, engine power, consumption and temperature, operating hours, and much more are displayed in dashboards. We can also set up individual additional features for you on request, such as water levels or timetables. At the push of a button, you can generate detailed reports of all your desired data as PDF.


Active Equipment Connect for CHP plants

You can react even more quickly and efficiently to error messages and can always have the functionality of your plant in sight with our AEC monitoring system for CHP plants.

You can save valuable time and receive maximum availability from your CHP plant: Should a malfunction occur, the responsible service technician will receive a message from the system. He or she can then immediately get an overview to indicate whether a service needs to be performed, what kind of work may be necessary, and what spare parts are needed. 

Of course, we also keep your data security constantly in mind: access is granted via an encrypted connection and the server locations are only in Germany. 

AEC for CHP enables:

– Customized maintenance and servicing management
– Secure system availability
– Optimized plant network utilization
– Reliable LCC planning
– Transparency of the system availability and reliability over the whole life cycle