Intelligent machine and fleet management

With Cat® Connect and our digital solutions for remote maintenance and diagnostics, you receive a full overview of the efficiency and performance of your machines, systems, or fleet. 

Safety of people and machinery, productivity and sustainable use of resources

Different hardware and software products can be selected depending on the objective:

You receive customized remote monitoring for your application!

From simple to complex – You specify whether you only need hardware and software for you own internal evaluation or we look after your application for you 24 hours a day and inform you immediately if the application should be optimized. 

Our solutions at a glance:

Cat Product Link for all industrial applications, telemetry tool for displaying operating data as a simple plug-and-play solution for long-term fleet management, low installations, and operating costs.

Cat Marine Asset Intelligence (MAI) 
for marine applications, intelligent fleet management with comprehensive analysis, diagnostics, and advice from an expert. You achieve optimum cost control, efficiency and safety for your systems with MAI. MAI enables integrated monitoring of any systems on board.

Active Power Control for CHP applications allows customized maintenance and service management for securing system availability and optimized network utilization.

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