Mobile load testing rig. Flexibly deployable for generator sets, emergency power supplies and CHP plants up to 1 MW.

For on-site service needs, we take our mobile testing rig wherever you are.

Zeppelin Power Systems has a mobile testing rig for full-load testing of generator sets with a capacity of up to 1 MW. Equipment by any manufacturer can be tested.

Frequently, generator equipment in constant use cannot be operated at its rated load, or run at load at all. This is the case, for example, for leased emergency power systems and large-scale server stations. However, full-capacity load testing is a legal requirement and must be performed at regular intervals.

Customers thus have the opportunity to test their equipment on-site, with as little overhead as possible. To allow this to happen, the system is gradually brought up to 100% of its load, in line with the manufacturer's instructions. After the load test, you are given a test report that documents the system's output. This documents the fact that the system has been tested, is ready for use, and safe. Testing to 110% or rated load is available for emergency power systems.

The mobile load testing rig is suitable:

- For generator sets that are operated infrequently or only at very low load
- For emergency power systems without a load function
- For troubleshooting and commissioning generator sets

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