Gas compression, wherever you need it.

A variety of processes, different performance requirements: there are many ways to move or store gas. Pipeline transport, accumulation in the gas network, compression and storage in suitable caverns, and more. Zeppelin Power Systems has the solution for any form of gas compression: the performance spectrum of our Caterpillar engines ranges from 71 to 6,100 kW for reliable compression performance. Featuring the latest combustion technology, they are suitable for the combustion of nearly any type of gas. Ask us about our compressor packages – standard packages or configured for your individual needs.
Gas engines by Caterpillar are characterised by excellent mechanical efficiency (up to 44%) and low fuel consumption. These gas engines can be operated without power loss at ambient temperatures of +45°C and an altitude of 900 m above sea level. They are also operable at low gas pressures from 0.07 to 3.1 bar.