MaK diesel engines by Caterpillar – quality through tradition.

From 1,020 to 16,800 kW: MaK engines have a wide performance range and an equally long tradition. The marine propulsion systems manufactured in Kiel and Rostock, Germany, have proved their value worldwide in the propulsion of large cruise vessels, container vessels or special seagoing vessels. Zeppelin Power Systems provides comprehensive performance and service offerings for MaK engines with many years of expertise that you can count on.

Dual-fuel MaK engines – compatible with current and future emission regulations.

From 3,000 to 14,400 kW: efficiency and reliability in all operating modes. Whether gas or diesel operation (MDO/HFO), dual-fuel engines by Zeppelin Power Systems comply with the applicable IMO III exhaust emission regulations in gas operation, and with IMO II in diesel operation.

The new dual-fuel engines are based on the successful MaK M 32 C and M 43 C medium-speed engines. They offer maximum reliability, a long service life and low-cost operations. The compact design allows quick and easy access to systems and components, while at the same time offering the highest levels of operational safety and reliability at different engine loads and with varying gas qualities.

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